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Harish Iyer On I Am Abhimanyu… Biopics 2/7

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This is Interview/Article No. 2 of 7 of the Biopic series story. Harish Iyer is a new media activist who is the subject of Onir’s film I Am. I was bit hesitant in approaching him and talking about the experience as the entire subject is quite sensitive.  But Harish came across as a friendly and confident speaker. Thanks! Read on to know his experiences of being a part of a film based on real-life …

A part of the movie is based on your life… were you alright about such a sensitive part of your life (dealing with child sexual abuse) being depicted on the big screen?
I Am Abhimanyu is based on my life. Many a times, it is not the content but the intent that matters. Especially when we have a director like Onir, who is quite equipped in understanding and doing the research for a film like that, then it feels nice. I have seen the film. It is very nice. It is subjective you know. How you treat the subject. The issues the film speaks about – child sexual abuse – a little slip of the tongue could do a lot of harm rather than any good to the cause. It becomes responsibility of the filmmaker to do the research and see that there are no shortcomings.

Filmmaking is a creative process, and makers take liberty, when based on real life, they add and remove elements, do you agree with the liberties.
Personally I don’t sing, but in the film I am singing two songs (laughs). So I need to understand that if I am allowing my life to be captured on camera, to be made in a film, I need to understand the medium as well. If it’s a commercial film, I should not be objecting to it. In the beginning I do understand that it is a bollywoodish film and it will have those elements. And, it all depends on the kind of treatment you give the film. It’s about how well you manage the commercial and the real life aspects together. Balance you need to achieve…

Could you completely relate with the character once film complete?
Certain things in the film were so very part of my life. But there was definitely certain elements – as this was not a biography of mine – as this is based on my and another person’s life – Ganesh Nallari. A story was woven keeping both our stories in account. Lot of portions I relate to, lot I don’t. It was not a totality… But there were lot of elements. Even the photos, and the way Sanjay Suri looks in the film, I looked like that. Sanjay’s girlfriend Radhika, I think my girlfriend looked like that too, though these are all coincidences. But I believe that yes, I do see… in the end everything brought out quite positively.
And a short film has already been made on me by Ranadeep Bhattacharya – Amen – it is a film on me and one of my flings… There has a been a article on me in Mumbai Mirror too… so I have already shared my experiences earlier, from where Onir had read about me.

Ya… I read about it while I was looking up for information on you… pls don’t mind that!
No no! What is more flattering than that you were researching on me!

What was the feeling like for undergoing the camera?
Personally, at the outset, a little taken aback, though it is flattering that a film is being made on your life. Initially it was odd, not good not bad, but then as it progresses you feel all will be well taken care of.

Thanks so much Mr. Iyer!

Image  taken from Google images. It is a still from I Am Abhimanyu

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