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Sabrina Lall On No One Killed Jessica… Biopics 1/7

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Including this short interview below, there is a series of total six interviews I took to prepare my story on what are the thoughts and feelings or experiences of real-life characters on whom so-called ‘biopics’ or ‘inspired’ films are made in recent times. Sabrina Lall, Harish Iyer, director Onir, Madhur Bhushan – Madhubala’s sister, Viveka Anand of Humsafar Trust, the great athlete Milkha Singh, and Naga Vara Prasad – Silk Smitha or Vijayalaxmi’s brother, are seven key persons I spoke with. The article culminating from information these very important people shared has been published on HT City, Hindustan Times Kolkata edition here , on April 27, 2011. The interviews are not are of the article, so read on to find out more…

What did it feel like when the world got to know through cinema, as No One Killed Jessica is not just about Jessica, but about your struggle, depicted by Vidya Balan?
I cant explain it. It’s not a great feeling and it’s not a bad feeling. It’s a perfectly fine feeling. My sister’s case was one with which lot of people identified. The idea was to make a story which not only people understand but gives justice to the world. In my mind that was the thing which was important. Overall it was a good experience as I liked dealing with these bunch of guys at UTV. They made quite a bit of it nicely.

Had you given up the battle as the movie shows?
Not as dramatically as it’s portrayed in the movie. But there were times I was drawn and out. But I think when they make movies they take (liberty) about these things. I guess they change a few facts around, but that’s ok. That does not really bother me.

What was the best fact about being part of the movie? You were not known in this particular detailed way before to the people… what did it feel? Any reactions from people...
My goodness! My facebook account was flooded for weeks! Lot of people in their 20’s were very young when this incident happened and didn’t know about it. Basically when they saw the movie they know what had happened. There is whole lot of things. Again after a few years you look at the movie… In a way it feels nice also that people somewhere down the line appreciate the hard work you put in. (This reply made me think: If young people like myself did not know the reality, the facts should have probably been stuck to, instead of dramatising it in any way. But then, I know nothing about filmmaking at large, and thus, do not wish to critise the makers yet.)

Some people do not agree with the idea of such biopic or real-incident-inspired movies being made…
It is a completely subjective thing. Today, even if I had said no about making a movie on Jessica, although I had given my consent, am sure they would have gone ahead and made it anyway for public knowledge. (A significant statement I think.)

Do you agree with the idea of making movies on subjects on which the ones attached to the person/incident do not agree?
That would be a bit insensitive….. ( then on, I missed the conversation for a few seconds!)

You, certainly were part of No One…
Yes. Rajkumar and me sat together for weeks and discussed about information and details and a lot of it went into script…

How much of the movie is real, though it is not a biopic- how much represents the truth?
First part of the movie – the journey one goes through in the case – is very true to reality. Because that is what really happened, to 99.9%.

The second half?
The second half is more to do with Rani, which is not so akin to reality. The part in the first half, talking of the incidences of what the character goes through when she is fighting for the case, after that the movie, they have changed few things down a little bit.

Any other thoughts?
What else? The movie is done, happy and over. Am fine with it.

Thanks Ms. Lall, for sharing all this!
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